How to Save View Once Photos on WhatsApp, 100% Success!

Fojap - The "View Once" feature on WhatsApp allows users to send photos or videos that can only be viewed once by the recipient. Once opened, the content will automatically disappear and cannot be viewed again.

How to Save View Once Photos on WhatsApp, 100% Success!

In this article, Jaka will discuss several ways to save such content on the latest WhatsApp version.

However, please note that this article is for informational purposes only. It is advisable to avoid saving view once photos or videos sent by others without their permission.


The following article is merely educational material regarding how to save view once photos on WA and its risks. Jaka does not recommend trying it as it may violate the privacy rights of others!

How to Save Once-Viewed Photos on WA Without Additional Apps

Saving once-viewed photos on WA involves a process of saving photos or videos sent using the "View Once" feature on WhatsApp. This can be done with or without additional applications.

The easiest way to save once-viewed photos on WA is by using another phone with a camera feature or a screen recording application. You cannot use the main phone's built-in screenshot feature because WhatsApp's security feature restricts screenshots for once-viewed content.

Here's how to save once-viewed photos or videos on WA:

  • Prepare a second phone or another device to record the screen.
  • Open the photo or video you want to save on the first phone.
  • At the same time, start recording the screen with the second phone.
  • After viewing the photo or video, stop recording the screen on the second phone.
  • Save the screen recording from the second phone.

How to Save View Once Photos on WA Without Additional Applications

For those who don't want the hassle of using two phones, you can still download view once photos or videos on WA using modded WhatsApp applications. Examples include WA GB, YoWhatsApp, and others.

WA mod applications are modified versions of WhatsApp that add additional features, one of which is the ability to save view once photos and videos. So, you don't need to bother with screen recording.

However, keep in mind that using WA Mod is quite risky as the application may contain malware.

How to Save View Once Photos on WA Android

Another way to save view once photos and videos, especially on Android phones, is by rooting. After rooting your Android phone, you can use third-party applications to access WhatsApp system files and save photos and videos set to view once.

However, this method will have a high risk as it can damage your phone if not done carefully. For those who still dare to try or are curious about rooting Android, you can check out more information here:

Safe Tips for Viewing View Once Photos on WhatsApp

The view once feature is one form of enhancement to WhatsApp's security for users' personal data. All content sent using this feature will not be stored in the WA database, thus, it will disappear immediately after being opened by the message recipient.

Therefore, make sure you have carefully observed view once photos or videos. Respect the content without hastily closing it. As much as possible, try not to download photos or videos set to view once mode in order to maintain each individual's comfort and privacy.

The Importance of Respecting Sender's Privacy

The view once feature on WhatsApp offers a secure way to share sensitive content. Senders trust recipients to view the content only once, and their privacy should be respected.

Why is Respecting Privacy Important?

Protecting personal information: View once content may contain sensitive information that should not be disseminated.

Preventing misuse: Photos or videos can be misused for fraud, defamation, or even harassment.

Maintaining trust: Respecting the sender's privacy builds trust and strengthens relationships.

Let's be responsible recipients by asking for permission if you want to save such content and respecting the sender's privacy to protect personal information, prevent misuse, and build trust.

Closing Words

Those are some ways to save view once photos or videos on WA. Once again, remember that saving view once photos or videos on WA may violate others' privacy. Therefore, make sure you only save such content after obtaining permission from the sender.

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