How to Fix Unreadable RAM on Laptops & Computers

Fojap - RAM is one of the computer hardware components with a crucial role, which is to temporarily store data. So, when you run an application like Google Chrome, for example, the data of Google Chrome will be stored in RAM (as long as the application is running).

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that without RAM, an application cannot run. Not only applications, but without RAM, the operating system also cannot boot.

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One of the reasons why a computer or laptop fails to boot is because the RAM is not readable. Therefore, it is important for you to know the causes and ways to fix unreadable RAM on laptops and computers.

In this opportunity, I will share an article about how to fix unreadable RAM. I wrote this article to share my experience with all of you, hoping it will be beneficial to others.

There are many factors that cause RAM to be unreadable, such as dirty RAM pins, dirty RAM slots, damaged RAM, damaged RAM slots, and so on. There are also many common issues with RAM, but in this post, I will focus on why RAM is not readable.

Causes of Unreadable RAM

From my personal experience, the most common cause of unreadable RAM is simply dirty RAM pins. However, there are also other causes that I have encountered. Below are some causes and ways to fix unreadable RAM:

How to Fix Unrecognized RAM on Laptop & Computer

Dirty RAM Pins and Slots

How to Fix Unreadable RAM on Laptops & Computers

This is a common issue, often occurring to users who rarely or never clean their devices.


  • To fix this, simply remove the RAM from its slot. Then clean the pin part (brass RAM) using an eraser until it's clean.
  • Also, clean the RAM slot using a brush until it's clean.
  • After that, reinsert the RAM into its slot.

Damaged RAM or RAM Slot

How to Fix Unreadable RAM on Laptops & Computers

Damage to RAM and RAM slots can occur. However, if the first method doesn’t work, don't immediately assume that your RAM or RAM slot is damaged.


Try your RAM on a friend's laptop or computer with the same RAM slot. If it works, then the problem might be with your RAM slot.

Voltage Difference

This is often encountered with DDR3 RAM. You might think that all DDR3 RAM is the same, but they're not. DDR3 RAM comes in two types: DDR3 and DDR3L (Low Voltage).


Make sure to install RAM that matches your laptop. If your laptop supports DDR3L RAM, install DDR3L. If it supports DDR3 RAM, install DDR3. Using DDR3L RAM in a DDR3 laptop won't work due to the voltage difference.

Bit Quantity Issue

How to Fix Unreadable RAM on Laptops & Computers

If you previously used a 2GB RAM and want to upgrade to 8GB, your RAM might not be fully readable (usable) if your laptop is still 32-bit.


Upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows if you want to use RAM above 4GB on a laptop with a 32-bit system.


That's all for the article on how to fix unreadable RAM on laptops and computers. Hopefully, this article can be useful and help solve your issues.

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