Microsoft Halts Android App Support on Windows

Fojap - After recently introducing native Android app support on Windows 10 and 11, the latest news suggests that Microsoft is no longer continuing support for Android apps on the PC operating system.

Microsoft Halts Android App Support on Windows

So, what reasons prompted Microsoft to withdraw all support for the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)? What happens to those who have already been using Android applications on Windows?

Support for Android Apps via WSA to Cease in 2025

Microsoft Halts Android App Support on Windows

This unfortunate news comes as a surprise to many who have been utilizing this feature. Microsoft's first-party support meant that users no longer needed to download third-party emulators to play games or run Android applications.

Unfortunately, Microsoft will cease support for WSA applications on March 5, 2025, next year. According to Android Authority, on that date, users will no longer be able to access applications dependent on WSA.

This also implies that users will no longer be able to install WSA on their Windows PCs or download applications from the Amazon Store after that date. Interestingly, not all users playing Android games on PC will lose support.

Android Games Can Still be Played Through Google Play Games PC

Google still offers Google Play Games on Windows 11, which is currently in Beta. However, as the name suggests, Google's support is limited to games only, and generally, applications cannot be found.

As a result, those in need of Android applications on PC must once again rely on Android emulation applications. As for the reasons why Microsoft is discontinuing support for WSA, they have not provided an explanation.

Are you one of the users who utilize Windows Subsystem for Android on PC? Or do you depend on Android emulation programs?

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