How to Fix Security Certificate Error in Browsers

Fojap - Fixing security certificate errors in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other browsers is actually quite easy. Usually, this issue arises due to mistakes in the computer or the browser itself.

How to Fix Security Certificate Error in Browsers

The error codes for this issue are not limited to just security certificate errors; they can also include messages like "secure connection failed," "SSL connection error," "untrusted connection," and many others.

For those experiencing this problem, in this article, I will provide a tutorial on how to fix security certificate errors. This method is commonly used and does not require any additional software because the tools are already available on your computer and browser.

Fixing Security Certificate Error

This method involves adjusting settings in both the browser and the computer. This method is highly likely to succeed; I personally use it frequently to resolve security certificate errors.

Let's dive into the steps

Adjust Computer Time

It's important to note that incorrect computer time can cause various issues, including security certificate errors.

For instance, in Android devices, if the time is incorrect, WhatsApp may encounter errors. Therefore, the first step is to adjust the computer time, which is quite simple.

  • Click on the time and date (bottom right corner).
  • Next, click on "Change date and time settings."
  • Then, click on "Change date and time." Adjust it to the correct date and time.
  • Finally, click on "Apply" and then "Ok."

The above steps are for adjusting time on the Windows operating system. For Linux or other operating systems, the steps may vary slightly.

Clear Browser Data

This method can be applied to all operating systems, including Windows and Linux. Clearing browser data (cache, cookies, history) is aimed at removing clutter that could potentially be causing security certificate errors.

  • Open the browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Del simultaneously.
  • For the time range, select "Everything" (Mozilla Firefox) or "the beginning of time" (Google Chrome).
  • Click on "Clear now" (Mozilla Firefox) or "Clear browsing data" (Google Chrome), or simply press Enter.
  • That's it.


In conclusion, addressing security certificate errors in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and others is a manageable task that involves simple adjustments to computer settings and browser data. By ensuring the accuracy of your computer's time settings and clearing browser data regularly, you can effectively mitigate these errors. These straightforward solutions can help users navigate the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring a smoother and more secure browsing experience. Remember, if you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to seek assistance or clarification. With these steps, you can overcome security certificate errors and enjoy uninterrupted browsing.

That's how you can fix security certificate errors. Hopefully, this article proves helpful and assists you in resolving this issue. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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