How to Fix Google Play Services Stopped on Android

Fojap - What exactly causes the problem of "unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped"? The causes of this problem vary, and it can differ for each smartphone.

Usually, the common causes of this issue are insufficient Android storage space or errors within the application. Additionally, this problem can also occur due to incorrect date settings.

How to Fix Google Play Services Stopped on Android

However, based on my experience, this issue often arises when the Android RAM is full. Consequently, when trying to run an application, Android is unable to do so and displays the message "Google Play Services has stopped."

Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped

There are various methods to resolve this issue, ranging from simple to hard reset. However, many people immediately consider performing a hard reset, which poses a significant risk of data loss.

A hard reset should be considered as a last resort when no other solutions work. To address the issue of Google Play Services stopping, please follow the steps below:

How to Fix Google Play Services Stopped on Android

Restart Android

Restarting is one of the commonly used methods to resolve various Android issues. Even sluggish smartphones can often be fixed using this method. Therefore, when you restart Android, everything will be reset to normal conditions.

This includes scenarios where your Android device encounters the problem of "unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped," which may be resolved by restarting the device. While it may seem trivial, restarting can be effective, so it should not be underestimated.

Clear Storage

Clearing storage here includes clearing cache and application memory. This is something I often do for all malfunctioning applications. While many people suggest clearing data one by one, I usually opt to clear everything at once.

To clear Google Play Services data, please go to Settings > Apps > find Google Play Services > Storage > click Manage storage and Clear cache.

how to fix google play services stopped

Typically, there are versions of Android where the settings interface may differ from the image above. In this example, I'm using a Samsung J7 Pro with Android Pie.

For older versions of Android, you usually just need to go to Settings > Apps > find Google Play Services, where you'll see a button to clear data.

Basically, you just need to clear all data on Google Play Services. After clearing, the applications usually run normally. I have successfully used this method several times on my friends' smartphones.

Uninstall Updates

Android constantly updates Google Play Services to fix previously found bugs or to add new features. However, these updates don't always result in improvements. Sometimes, issues arise, such as the example of Google Play Services stopping because its version isn't compatible with the Android version being used.

To uninstall these updates, please go to Settings > Apps > find Google Play Services > click the three-dot icon then select Uninstall updates.

By uninstalling updates, the application will revert to the previous version, which is likely a stable version.

Clear Preferences

Resetting preferences has the potential to resolve the issue of Google Play Services Has Stopped on Android. It's important to note that this method doesn't delete any data, including application data.

To clear application preference settings, you can go to Settings > click the three dots > select Reset app preferences. If any notifications appear, please select Reset.

Oh, by the way, the above method can only be done on certain Android smartphones, as some don't have the preference reset feature.

Reset Android

If none of the previous methods work, there may be an error in the Android system. Therefore, the last resort is to reset Android.

This method will erase all your applications and data. So, make sure to back up any important data currently stored in internal storage.

To perform a factory reset, please go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset > follow the on-screen instructions.

On other smartphones, the interface may look different. Generally, the reset procedure is done by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > follow the on-screen instructions.

After successfully resetting, the booting process may take slightly longer than usual. This is because the Android system is reconfiguring, so please be patient.

Flash Firmware

How to Fix Google Play Services Stopped on Android

Some may ask, "Is resetting factory settings different from flashing?" My answer is yes, they're different. When you reset, the firmware remains the same. But with flashing, you can use firmware according to your preference.

Additionally, flashing will completely erase all Android data. Even viruses can be removed. So, if a factory reset doesn't work, please flash your smartphone.

My suggestion is, when deciding to flash, use the latest firmware. To download the latest firmware, you can visit the official website of your smartphone brand.

Those are some methods that can be used to fix the issue of Google Play Services stopping. This concludes the article for now; hopefully, it's helpful and can assist you in resolving this issue.

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